Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

I found this video in a round-about way.  I found it very touching and beautifully filmed.

Susan Anderson posted this video of Alabama Channin not long ago and after watching it, I discovered the etsy video library about craftspeople. There are so many interesting stories there.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and felt loved and appreciated by your children.  I know I did.


  1. Hi Diane -

    WOndering if you have trouble w/ your Great Pyrs escaping fencing. Archie and Winston just started escaping. Got them fixed last week hoping it will help. They don't go anywhere except the yard but I am under the impression they need to remain w/ the sheep. We don't have a barn within the confines of the pasture. Wondering if they had some better shelter (there is a large calf hutch and a pig shed) might make them stay in. Don't know anyone to ask. Thanks for your help.

  2. Kristin, hopefully you will see this, I know that Dianne has been super busy getting ready for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival! We also have LGD's with alpacas and sheep. I would bet that your dogs will definitely be less prone to wandering now that they are neutered. Be sure that you never reinforce their coming to the yard by giving attention or treats, in fact make it darned unpleasant for them! (Yell, chase them back, etc.). They seem like they have been pretty bonded, but most young dogs will explore a little and test their boundaries. I don't think that shelter will make a difference, ours lay outside in all kinds of weather (sometimes even if the alpacas are inside the barn), and none have ever used the calf hutch we offered. Having a few toys/bones/sticks in their field might help a little (ours can be collectors). Good luck!