Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Way to go girls!

 Well, hello there.  Yes, we really are still here, even though it has been mighty quiet on the blog front.  The weeks leading up to the 2012 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival were packed with preparations that left me unable to focus on much else.  I'm not the most organized person in the world, but I tried really hard to not procrastinate this year.  I think I may have improved on my past record, but still have a long way to go.  A couple of big accomplishments this year - the trailer was loaded and ready to roll before noon on set-up day - the bottle babies (Matthew and Marilla**) had been bathed the day before and were sparkling white and clean - Luna and Birdie got a quick spray off with the hose the day before to spiff them up just a little and best of all, I did not put my iPhone through the wash cycle in the washing machine.  Yes, that actually did happen two years ago.

Saturday at the festival was action packed.  There were good crowds of happy yarn and fiber buyers all day.  Luckily for me, my sweet grand-daughter, Jordan, came for the weekend to help me because it would not have been pretty if I'd tried to hold it together on my own.  Sunday was much, much slower, but it gave me more time to chat with people coming through.  I love the fact that so many said they read the blog and have been enjoying the lamb-cam.  (Sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there, so it's good to know.)

Wondering why the title to this post?  Because my girls did me proud in the fleece competition.  I only entered four natural colored fleeces, PeeGee, Teeny, Olive and 901.  The girls brought home two blue ribbons, two red ribbons and my special little Olive won the championship ribbon.  It was especially nice that the judge came to me afterwards to ask about Olive's breeding and tell me what a beautiful fleece she had produced.  To make it even sweeter, with the exception of 901, they are all bottle babies.  (My grand-daughter has made me feel guilty that 901 doesn't have a name, so if you've got ideas please send them this way!)

( Would it kill ya to give me a name?)
 This week it's back to real life on the farm. There's much to do to make up for slacking off on farm chores while preparing for the festival.  I only have two more fleeces to go before all the sheep and alpaca fleeces for 2012 will be washed and the garden needs attention a.s.a.p.  So, onward ......

** I know I said this was to be a "Downton Abbey" year for names, but DA didn't have any brother and sister names for me to use, so these two got "Anne of Green Gables" names.  I don't think they mind.


  1. Olive is a rock star. They all worked hard for every ribbbon they won and deserve special treats.

  2. Hi,

    The festival sounds like a busy site !
    I thought of a name for 901----
    CHAR or Charlotte since her beautiful hair has a hint of charcoal & black face. She does look lovely!

  3. me again....

    I thoroughly enjoy watching the web-cam at night! Will you be separating out the ewes soon & just have lambs?


  4. Your booth looks lovely and your ribbons well-deserved! I can't imagine the work it takes to get ready to vend at an event like that; you must be exhausted.

  5. Your booth looks GREAT!! Will you be selling any of your yarn on your etsy site?
    Congratulations on the ribbons!
    I love the lamb-cam sometimes I watch it before bed...I find it so relaxing ;)

  6. 901 looks like a Chinchilla fur!!
    The inside of my new raincoat is the same color, feels like fur but is 100%poly. Beautiful sheep, that Chinchilla!!
    Your booth is great. The sheep all deserved their ribbons, thanks to you.

  7. I think Delilah would be a good name for 901.

  8. Congratulations! Sorry I have been silent for so long. I do love reading the blog and will be better about commenting!!

    901 looks very regal to me. How about Regina?

  9. For some reason 901 makes me think of 90210. As in Beverly Hills 90210. So how about Beverly?

    Circleville, OH

  10. Congratulations!.. Sticking with Downton Abbey- how about Violet?

  11. Congratulations! I loved seeing how Birdie and Luna had grown from last years visit. I got a chance to finally purchase some of your roving and I can’t wait to try it!
    Your dyed yarn looked lovely. It really could inspire me to knit again.

  12. I didn't get to meet you, but I did meet your granddaughter. Wasn't the KS&FF great this year? I can't wait for next year and we're going to double the size of the booth next year, too.

    I like Elaine's suggestion of Chinchilla.

  13. I think 901 looks soft and smooshy, so I'm suggesting "Smooshy." I know it doesn't fit into the theme, but there's nothing wrong with different. :-)