Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You need a knitted wreath

I'm making a quick post here to point the way to a fast and fun knitting project that just might put you in the mood for Christmas.  It will also confirm to all your non-knitting friends that you really will knit anything!   This is the Hampstead Wreath.  You can read all about it here on Mason-Dixon Knitting and find out why you can justify taking a few hours away from Christmas knitting that you should have already finished.

I opted for cheap and durable yarn,  in case I decided to hang it outside.  Michael's satisfied my desire for something somewhat natural looking,  even if it is a wool and (gasp!) acrylic blend.  (It's Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and is only 10% wool.)  I know my knitting friends are choking on their coffee after reading that I've stooped to anything lower than 100% wool,  but sometimes you have to compromise your principles just a little.  (I'm a terrible yarn snob and this confession is painful to make.)  Anyway,  except for the vaguely unpleasant squeakiness of the yarn,  it knit up just fine and has the sort of rustic look I was going for.  (The color is off in the picture.  The wreath is the same natural color all over and the pom-poms are redder.)  After looking at all the versions on Ravelry,  I believe I need to add some more pom-poms* - or some bigger ones maybe.  Still thinking on that.

*Those pom-poms!  I bought one of those little Clover pom-pom makers while I was in Michael's and boy-oh-boy are they fun to use.  I want to make pom-poms all the time now!


  1. What a lovely idea. I'm going to knit the wreath also. The pattern I have just picked up.

  2. Love the idea! I might get it done by Christmas, but I'm not going to specify what year!

  3. I love it!! Thanks for posting the photo and great idea!