Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

It's bright and sunny (though chilly and windy) at Tanglewood today.  It's the kind of day that lifts your spirits in the middle of February when the calendar says spring is still a ways off.  Signs of spring are starting to peek through the muck of winter here on the the farm.  I have daffodils blooming in the sheltered spot under the bedroom window and the forsythia bushes are bearing fat buds on their branches.  And the birds - the birds are singing in the morning as if they know spring is coming soon.  Maybe Punxsutawney Phil really knows what he's talking about this year.

(Dreaming in the sunshine - of babies to come? This is Gabby, so more likely she's dreaming of all that green grass to eat!)
I've done a little checking on the pregnant girls and we may be having fewer lambs than I had hoped for or maybe they are just going to be later.  It's looking as though Mr. Bates may not have gotten the job completely done, but time will tell.  Shearing day is coming up in about two weeks and we'll get a better "look" at the situation then.

In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day wishes to all of you.


  1. Gabby IS enjoying that lovely sunshine!!
    So shearing is coming up? Guess it's not much longer before spring time!! Babies and shearing --- exciting times!

  2. I hope you get all the lambs you want – and can handle! Gabby's fleece sure is gorgeous.

    1. Well, I may not be getting all I want, but maybe more like all I can physically handle this year. Though, I have to say, I think my shoulder is a little better. I'm really taking it easy on it, so maybe I'll be rewarded with NOT having surgery!

  3. Gabby looks so content :) I may not eat it but I'm certainly dreaming of nice green grass. We had a massive storm here in Toronto last week and everything is just piles and piles of dirty grey snow. Our Groundhog - Wireton Willy also promised an early spring. Fingers crossed these critters know what they are talking about!

  4. Gabby certainly looks comfortable - and maybe a bit nervous! She is probably dreaming of not lugging around her giant self anymore... ahhhh...

    Hope you had a nice Valentines Day!