Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter doldrums

These are the days when I don't feel I'm accomplishing much around the farm.  At two months into the new year, I'm still working on my goals to be a more positive person and to finish up a bunch of languishing knitting projects.  I'm pleased to be making some progress, but also frustrated at the slowness of my efforts.  In the next few months, I've got lambs coming, sheep and alpaca shearing, a garden to get planted, the arrival of a new grandbaby, the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival to prepare for and several other major happenings.  I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night thinking I can't possibly pull it all together.  My shoulder injury has slowed me down a lot this winter and made me consider just how much longer I can keep all three rings in this circus going!  Does anyone else suffer from these anxieties?

Just when I started picking daffodils to bring inside and thinking about starting seeds in the greenhouse, it has decided to be winter again here in central Kentucky ... at least for the next few weeks.  It's as gray outside today as any deep January day - complete with swirling snowflakes. I'm toasty inside the studio with a cheery fire in the woodstove and a cup of hot tea close at hand.  I'm so hooked on Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea.  Years ago it was sold with the name Tummy Mint on the box and then it just disappeared from the grocery and the co-op where I shop.  I had been hoarding a few boxes of it for some time before it occurred to me to search online.  Guess what - there it was on!  I order half dozen boxes at a time now, so I'm in no danger of running out.  Since weaning myself off of (the deadly) diet Coke, I'm hardly ever without a mug of tea by my side.

So, with some newly finished handknit socks drying in front of the woodstove and a pile of books and magazines beside me, my current plan is to just relax and make the best of our fickle Kentucky weather.

(I'm working on a post about some interesting new-or new to me-books and magazines.)


  1. I, too, have weaned myself completely from Diet Coke and am drinking a lot more tea.... I love Republic of Tea's Pomegranate green tea! This weather requires tea... That Kaffe Fasset book, I'm going straight to Amazon to get it NOW... it will be perfect to cuddle up with on a frosty evening.... Strive to be less anxious, you get WAYYYYY more done than the average person :) You inspire me.

  2. I've given up on my beloved sweet tea, and on soft drinks. Hot freshly brewed tea in the morning and water the rest of the day for me. And YES, these damp, cold, grey days seem somehow the coldest and dreariest of the season. I think your plan to snuggle in with some good books is an excellent strategy!

  3. So, that's what my husband's socks would look like if I'd finish them, eh? Perhaps I shall. I do like the color combo of that yarn. Really, I was cooking right along on them until the crush of Christmas knitting in combo with Christmas piano obligations forced me to put down the size 1s and let my wrists rest.

  4. DAFFODILS!!!!!!! Not even a thought yet in Alaska in Northeasten Wisconsin. I add color to SNOW WHITE by dyeing yarn. Glorious color. Maybe I'll dye some daffodil yarn. Thanks for the inspiration and be warm. P.S. Love the socks.