Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And the winner is ....

It took me a little while to re-number the entries and then go back to double check myself.  There were some accidental duplicate comments and then my comment at the end that made the the blogger total off by a few numbers.  So, without further ado - random.org selected comment number 127, which belonged to lulu!  I've sent off an email and hope to hear from you soon, lulu!!  Thank you all so much for participating in this little give-away.  Kristin has so many, many fans and I know it gladdens her heart to hear how much you all appreciate her talents.  Sometimes, when you live on a farm and spend a large part of your days wearing boots and barn clothes, finding time to be creative can be a real struggle.  The fact that Kristin is able to continually amaze us with her sense of style is a real testament to how hard she works.

A common theme in the comments was how much we are all looking forward to spring arriving in our parts of the country.  Everyone is craving color and I'm especially longing for green right now.  We have run out of hay already and had to buy another load to get us through.  The grass in the fields is definitely starting to show some green and, if we can get four or five days of warm sunshine, I'll probably be able to start complaining about the mowing :-)  Those of us who live in the country are obsessed with the weather,  especially if we have livestock or seasonal crops.  We have no control over it, but have to learn to adjust our plans according to the latest weather report.

That picture up there, of Mrs. Dandy and Jim Dandy (Junior) has nothing to do with anything in this post, obviously.  It just happened to be what I saw when I walked outside a few minutes ago.  Sitting on the side of the truck is not where we like to see them - for several obvious reasons, but there you have it.  One more thing I don't seem to be in control of around here!


  1. oh what a lovely book. I'm such a fan of sunflowers. Congrats to the winner.

  2. Congrats lulu! These giveaways are so much fun. :)