Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet the boys

These three handsome alpaca boys are the latest addition to the menagerie here at Tanglewood Farm. The last several years I have been breeding for softer fleeces on my sheep and these boys are going to contribute some beautiful fiber to blend with those fleeces. The black one is "Stormy", the fawn is "Prophet" and the white is "Prince". I think they have been a little culture shocked since their arrival here. They came from Seldom Scene Farm , which is a beautifully manicured alpaca farm at the other end of our county. Except for the Great Pyrenees, which they are familiar with, not much else here looks like home to them. The first shock was the donkeys, but then the donkeys were pretty shocked too! Then the lambs ran into the barn to check them out and the peacock flew up on the feeders in front of them. I can only imagine what they must have thought (probably something like thinking they had landed at the funny farm). They have settled right in and we have already been practicing walking on a lead. The boys went into the back barnyard this morning and will be kept there and inside at night until they know for sure that inside the barn is where they will get fed.

Despite being desperate for rain, we had a beautiful weekend. Somehow when it finally cools down and the light becomes so clear, it makes everything look better. We live about one mile from a public boat ramp to the Kentucky River and we took advantage of the nice weather to put the boat in both Saturday and Sunday. We practically had the river to ourselves and we enjoyed just cruising along looking at the scenery. The water temperature is already in the 60's so there won't be any more swimming this year, but we hope to have just a few more outings before the boat is put away for the winter.


  1. Those little babies are adorable. I am sure that they will settle in just fine under your loving care.
    Beautiful scenery and what fun to drift down such a lovely river.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. They are so cute! I can tell they are going to produce great fleece for you!

  3. I just caught up, so much to see.

    Love your mini-knitalong with your group. That sweater looks like a beauty. Love the fall colors hanging on the line to dry, too.

    If I had been at that festival, I would have sat right down and spent the whole time with you. I would love to see how you spin.

    Hope you are well and yes, it is a beautiful fall where you are.

  4. Susan-I'm a really good enabler when it comes to learning to spin (actually all things fiber). You just need to get someone to show you how and you will be hooked!