Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

And I love it (please don't hate me fellow Kentuckians). We even had a few wisps of snow yesterday and last night. It's about time, is what I say. Thanksgiving is next week. Yikes! Yesterday I went to the grocery and bought most of my Thanksgiving supplies, though I never seem to accomplish it all in one trip. At least this year, I've given myself some extra time to get a head start. I love Thanksgiving and having everyone gather at our house. It is usually several tables full and because there are still so many young children, it is also loud! I'm always collapsed on the couch in front of the fire by evening, but wouldn't trade it for anything.

I wrote the above paragraph much earlier this week and have been unable to get back online since. I am not very computer literate and am fully prepared for any problem to end up being my fault due to ignorance. This time, though, it was not me. As I have said before, living in the country is great, but there are plenty of compromises involved. One of them is that technology is slow to get here and often doesn't work right. That is my DSL connection in a nutshell. This week it has not worked. The first few days I though it was just the normal malfunctioning. When I got fed up enough to call Windstream, they sent someone out and he (bless his heart) cheerfully replaced my modem and (crossing my fingers) so far, that seems to have done the trick. And here is some great news for those of us technologically challenged and who frequently need help, Windstream has replaced it's help centers in India and you can actually talk to someone in America now. They even have a recording telling us that, "you talked and we listened". Amazing!

Meanwhile, I have had a rash of finishing stuff. I finished some fingerless mitts, a vest (still need to put the button on, then I'll post a picture) and a pair of heavy barn socks that have been around forever. Now I have been bitten by the scarf bug due to reading the Yarn Harlot's recent posts and my friend Lindy showing up at Wednesday knitting with one she made using Silk Garden and some of her dark gray alpaca yarn (and I just happen to have some of both). I'm thinking these might be really good Christmas gifts, depending on how fast I can crank them out. I'm casting on today.

Miss Pippi was puzzled by the snow this morning. Wish I'd had the camera with me when she came out the barn door. You could almost see her brain working on what this stuff might be.

We are gearing up for the holidays around here. Even the chickens are cooperating by producing a dozen eggs daily. (People are starting to back away when they see me coming with the egg cartons!) Right after Thanksgiving the cookie baking starts in earnest and plenty of eggs will be used, though even I can't use up 7 dozen a week.

So, here it is Friday evening again and I'm wishing for you to have a good weekend. Who knows, maybe I'll be back before next Friday, if the internet is truly mine again.


  1. I love hearing about your country living...and can't wait to see the finished objects you mention.

  2. If you ever want to sell your eggs (or know of anyone who wants/needs to) - please contact me!!! (I live in Lexington.)