Friday, November 14, 2008

Ideas or Idees?

Am I the only person around who buys magazines she can't even read, just because the pictures are so fabulous and inspirational? I subscribe to Marie Claire Idees, though I cannot read a word of French, because it is always full of wonderful projects. Often, I can guess at the meaning of a word and sometimes even decipher some of the directions. Oh, how I wish they would include an English translation so I could actually read it all. I love how they always have wonderful things made from linen-lovely natural colored linen. And there are always projects made from wool. The latest edition came today and has such great ideas for Christmas knitting and crafting. There's a whole article on holiday decorations using pom-poms! (C'est le Pompon!) I might as well confess to being somewhat of a magazine addict. I recently went through a huge stash of magazines and made myself donate them. I have years and years of the British edition Country Living (I'm not ready to let go of those!). Whenever I'm in a bookstore or grocery, I check out the magazine racks to make sure I don't miss anything! I am trying to be more selective about the ones I bring home.

I thought there would be a picture of my finished Jo Sharp "everyday sweater" to show today, but you're getting an almost finished picture instead. I actually wore it to Wednesday knitting, but decided it needed a partial do-over. It has a rolled neck and is supposed to be the same on the bottom and the sleeves, but I didn't like the roll at the bottom, so I knitted a turning row and knitted a hem. Didn't like that either. So, I have cut a stitch, detached the hem and have picked up the live stitches and am knitting downward on a knit two, purl two bottom edge. I sure hope I like this version. The bottom edge is starting to get some mileage on it already. The Wednesday knitters decided this sweater is just about as good as your favorite sweatshirt for comfort. Now that I have the bugs worked out I'm thinking about starting another. I used Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed Aran in Brindle (it's more interesting than it appears here). It was knit from the neck down, has raglan sleeves and is an easy, fast knit. Not the most exciting sweater I've ever knit, but I'm thinking it will be worn a lot.

The weekend is here and we might have snow flurries! (That makes me unreasonably happy!) I hope your weekend weather is just what you're wishing.


  1. I'm a magazine junkie, too. I lean toward any crafts or decorating ones. I have so many of the old Victoria's...I was keeping them because they stopped publishing it. Now that it's alive and in print again...I'm keeping them all anyway. Go figure. Nice sweater, and I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Hey Dianne,
    My how I have missed you. I love reading your blog and seeing all the farm happenings...I'm still thinking that when I get all my little ones raised...I'll becpme an alpaca farmer...I can always dream....LOL.
    One of these Wednesday's I'm going to drop in on you at Knit Night.
    Diana B

  3. Diana-So happy to hear from you! I miss seeing your smiling face and hearing all about your little ones. Please do come to Knit Night soon.....I would love to catch up.

  4. And I thought I was the only one with a stash of old British Country Living magazines!!

    The rolled neck on your sweater reminds me of the poncho I made a few years ago. On a cold, wet, windy day like today - I think I'll put it on, go to the store, and get the stuff to cook up a pot of your Italian Wedding Soup too!

  5. Hi Deb-Great to hear from you. Where have you been keeping yourself? I remember your poncho--it would be perfect for the weather we are having right now!
    Come back to spinning. We miss you!

  6. I buy way too magazines and books (many that end of unread--taunting me from my bookshelves) because I am seeking to piece together a multiperspective view of the world. Sort of like knitting--on a theoretical level :)

  7. I LLOOOOVVVEEEE Marie Claire Idees. I pick the new ones up at Joseph Beth when they are released. So dreamy! I have found a bazillion ideas in those pages.