Saturday, November 8, 2008

Homemade goodness

Today has been cool and windy and put me in the mood for warming foods. I've had the new Ina Garten cookbook, Back to Basics for more than a week and haven't had a chance to try anything, until today. Ina's books are the first ones I pull off the shelf. She never let's me down. I don't think I have ever prepared anything from any of her books that hasn't been delicious and quite a few of her recipes have become my standards (turkey meatloaf, tequila lime chicken and key lime pie just to name a few). Today I made Italian Wedding soup and it is yummy! I make a pretty good chicken noodle soup, but this may be my new favorite chicken soup. I love the little spicy ground chicken and chicken sausage meatballs and having carrots, onion, celery and spinach in there almost makes it into a "health" food, right?

I also made two more loaves of oatmeal-whole wheat bread from a recipe I got here. I made two loaves last Monday and they tasted great, but looked a little homely. I think I didn't knead the dough long enough. Today's loaves look better, but still seem a little flatter than I would have hoped. Next time I'll try slightly smaller pans. The only bad thing about me baking bread is that I want to actually eat it. I mean all of it!

Not so much knitting to show right now, though I am trying to finish some projects started many months ago and then abandoned when nearly finished. I'm finishing up two of the projects I mentioned in my very first post, many months ago. Now that's embarrassing! Pictures should show up here in the next week or two. (Just saying it here may shame me into following through.)
While working on the details for my Etsy shop, I may have done a little shopping. I bought this cute little SewBendy Henna Garden Knit Ditty. It is the cutest little orange print (had to be orange), lined with a green print and, as Susan has been saying, it is the perfect size to tote around a little project everywhere you go. And then I just happened to check out these from Betz White and had to add them to my collection of oak leaves and acorns. They arrived just a few days ago and are so cute!
I think we are going to Cincinnati tomorrow to visit with my stepson and his girlfriend and make a run on IKEA. I'm hoping to get some shelving solutions for my so-called studio. It needs some real help in the organizing department right now. A little car trip mean some guilt-free knitting time for me. Yay! Hope this weekend gives you knitting time also.

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  1. Yummy!!! I love Ina too. She really is always dependable in the ease and deliciousness of her recipes!