Thursday, December 4, 2008

In the company of friends

Last night we went to friends' house to watch the Kentucky basketball game (while I was knitting, of course). Their cat, "Doc", loves my husband (who is his veterinarian). So the picture shows Doc and the Doc spending quality time together. My husband has a house-call practice and sees all his patients in their own homes (unless he is doing surgery-in which case they go to the clinic where he does his surgeries). I think it is a good sign that his patients like him even after he gives them shots, or as in Doc's case, shaves a big patch off their backside.

Speaking of patients, here's one waiting his turn (though he doesn't know it yet). Buddy is wondering where all the girls have gone! His work is finished in that department. I separated him from the ewes last weekend and he is not very happy about it. He's in the pasture with Strawberry, Pippi and Big Boy for the moment. They are pretty much ignoring him and he is busy pacing the fence, gazing longingly at the ewes. Our plan is to make a wether out of him (same as gelding a horse) and after a few weeks and the testosterone has gotten out of his system, he can go back in with the big girls or the little girls. He has bred the adult ewes and is related to all the ewe lambs, so that is the end of his career as a ram. He's such a nice boy and has a gorgeous fleece, so he's getting to stay (even if it is in an "altered" state).

Be sure to check out Kristin Nicholas' blog post today. She has a great Christmas craft tutorial for making really cute little birch bark houses. I'm inspired to round up the supplies tomorrow and try this with two of my grandsons, who will be here for the weekend. They love this kind of thing and since it is going to be cold (in the 20's) the whole time they are here, it will be fun to have this project on the to-do list. We might even fit some Christmas baking in there, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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