Monday, December 1, 2008

Uninvited guests

We've had a problem with uninvited guests since a few days before Thanksgiving. These folks just started showing up early in the evening and then they just help themselves to food meant for others. Thankfully, they did not come by on Thanksgiving. I guess the fact that there were so many cars parked in the drive was a little intimidating. Thank goodness. Well, they haven't actually come inside and made a place for themselves at the table, but nevertheless, this is a difficult and uncomfortable situation and we are just not sure how to go about solving the problem. These folks have a pay-back technique that leaves a lasting impression!

Sorry, I just couldn't help messing with you a little bit. That's just one of our uninvited guests grazing beneath the bird feeders. I feed black oiler sunflower seeds to the birds and I guess the skunks really like it too. There are at least two of them that have been showing up and staying for an hour or more nearly every evening. This is not a good thing. It is a miracle that I haven't accidentally walked too close to them. I often go to the barn after dark and sometimes don't remember to fill the bird feeders until late. Needless to say, this is a delicate situation and I'm afraid the eventual outcome is not going to be favorable to the skunks. They are kinda cute, but not cute enough to risk my being rendered unfit for the company of others through the holidays.

Thanksgiving was great. Way too much food, a house full of relatives and then the usual collapse on the couch in front of the fire. Now, Christmas is coming at a gallop. Thanksgiving was later than usual this year and now it is just a little over 3 weeks until Christmas day. The Christmas knitting list may undergo some revision if I don't get really busy this week. Which seems to me a perfectly good reason to build a fire and settle on the couch to watch "A Christmas Story" (for about the 50th time, but I never get tired of it) and put in some quality knitting time.


  1. They are cute and adorable, but from a distance.
    We had one a few years ago that came into the carport to dine on the kitty food. I soon learned to put it up at night.
    This reminds me of when we had 200+ sheep and my husband went out to feed our Border Collies...I heard him yell, and yes, swear..there was a possum in the dog food container ready to bite his hand.
    Love the country. Best to you.

  2. Your Etsy shop looks great, and your yarn photos are absolutely gorgeous! I used some of your handspun to tie up my huge Thanksgiving tablecloth, tying it on the corners and middle with some boxwood and evergreen- it looked gorgeous and got lots of compliments.

  3. Hi Dianne!

    Finally getting a chance to check out the blog (now that I know where to find it). Look forward to being a regular reader!

  4. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?