Monday, January 26, 2009

Good morning from the girls.....

Be sure your sound is turned on for just a little sample of the greeting I get from the donkey girls, morning and evening, when I go to the barn. Of course, what they are saying is---"bring the hay-bring the hay-right now!" I love to hear them braying like that, especially when they both get going at the same time. It's as if they are harmonizing to their own special song! (it's a good thing we have no close neighbors)

I was going to title this post Blue Monday because this luscious roving is just out of the dye bath. Everyone who knows me will look at this and not believe I did it! I'm not a blue person at all and never wear blue, but I have been working on dyeing some new stuff for my Etsy shop and do know that lots of people love blue. I think this is going to spin up beautifully and it's probably a good thing it's a color I won't be tempted to keep for myself.

I'm off to the grocery and post office. The weather forecast is for snow, ice, freezing rain----all of it in the next few days. I'll believe it when it happens. If it were not for needing to provide appropriate shelter for the animals, I think I might not watch the weather forecasters. They get everyone so worked up about the possibilities and then most of the time (it seems) nothing happens. But, just in case, I'm off to stock up on a few necessities.

Happy Monday!


  1. I loved hearing those donkeys!! I also love seeing you have grass. We haven't seen grass in a month, just white. Hope you make it through the storm, it should arrive here tonight in the form of more snow.

  2. I hope you had safe travels in the bad weather.