Monday, August 3, 2009


Holly has become one of the most important members of the farm team around here. And to think that she just showed up here makes her all the more special. If you've been reading sheepdreams for a while, you may remember the beginning of her story here. I know I brag on her a lot, but she deserves every word of praise I can give her. Not only has she kept all of our animals safe from the coyotes who travel through every night, but she gets along famously with every other creature on the farm. (There was that little bit of immature chasing of the chickens, but, once she matured by a few months, all I had to do was catch her in the act and correct her by lowering my tone and raising the volume of my voice and that was the last of the poultry excitement.) Our other Pyrenees, Hannah, is a bit of a slacker sometimes, but Holly stays focused.

Except when it's naptime.

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  1. Oh how touching I'll have to go read about when Holly found you guys! My ETA in Ky is August 15th. Need to pm you. My life is nuts getting ready to leave (hopefully with things in good shape) ttys