Thursday, September 24, 2009

The boy can't help it

Poor Wally. He is by turns funny, sad, ridiculous and endearing (sometimes all in the space of a few short minutes). Yesterday he walked down from the barn and spent most of the afternoon on the terrace, outside the sunroom door. Right away he saw another young peacock, who appeared to be just his size, looking at him from the door to the sunroom. He didn't much care for the way the bird was staring at him, so he flew up against the glass and had a little scuffle with the guy. The other bird was tougher than he thought! After that, he spent nearly an hour straightening his feathers, grooming and trying to ignore that bird who seemed to be looking at him every time he glanced that way. You could almost see Wally's little brain cells working away, trying to figure out what to do about the situation. Of course, in the end, since Wally is a peacock and peacocks don't have much going on in the way of brain cells, he lost interest and wandered back to the barn.

Just another day of exciting events here on the farm!


  1. Tell Wally I think he is MUCH more handsome than that other fella...

  2. Wally is a hoot! Shoot I didn't think I would take on a peacock...but if I were close I would give him a good home...since you have quite the flock now. Maybe my sister Karen needs a peafowl? I'm smitten with Wally

  3. You are such a wonderful writer: possibly the Erma Bombeck of Farming.You should get a book deal!