Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hay Day

That's not an official holiday for most people, but around here we get really excited when it comes along. Yes, we are officially ready for the winter of 2009-10. Our hay was delivered not long ago and is safely stored in the barn loft, awaiting those cold, brown grass days, when the sheep will need it.

Up until two years ago, we raised our own hay and it was nearly always an exercise in frustration. My husband grew up on a farm and one of his favorite things to do is bale hay, but he works all week and trying to get hay at just the right stage for baling, only on the weekends, hardly ever worked out right. I finally convinced him that there were better ways for us to spend that time (I mean, it's not like there's nothing else to do around here!) And, one of the best parts of this arrangement? I don't have to help get the hay up into the loft!


  1. We still don't have our sheep hay in the barn yet. They got done housing tobacco just in time for it to rain for 3 days. Maybe this weekend...

  2. I too now fully appreciate a hay shed full of nice, fresh hay. We are half way there but cuttings have been spotty here due to all the rain so we are expecting a second load any day now.

    I appreciate the farmers that raise it, too!

  3. My hub loves putting up hay...well at least when everything goes OK...We have friends who put up hay on our land and it is much nicer we get a share and they have the worries about equipment breaking down.

    I've posted some hay pics on FB and my blog is you have not seen our crop.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your CVM flock. I just love the fleece I am blending with chestnut angora.