Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To the mountain top

I've been there. It was all I'd hoped it would be and then some. I'm talking about Rhinebeck, of course. Rhinebeck is what every fiber festival wants to be when it grows up! It's in a beautiful location and has fabulous vendors, wonderful food and some of the nicest, most pleasant people you would ever hope to be around. I did my share of supporting the vendors and I saw many, many more things I would have liked to buy, but I ran out of money and room in my suitcase. (Did you know that having a suitcase 4 pounds over the 50 pound limit will cost you an extra $90.00? I didn't, which led to my having to open my suitcase on the floor in front of the Delta ticket counter and start pulling things out until I got the weight down to 50 pounds! Talk about losing your dignity.) Fortunately, I was able to stuff my carry-on, plus enlist my friend, Teresa, to carry on another bag for me.

(This is not what was in my suitcase, but I would have been perfectly happy if it had been!)

The only complaint I can muster about Rhinebeck is that I wasn't able to discover just what the heck was "Artichoke French" and the line for the chicken pot pies was so long (I'm talking hours!), that I never got a taste of one.

As much fun as Rhinebeck was, it is always so great to come home. There is nothing like that feeling of turning into the farm lane and being home, regardless of whether I've been gone days or just a few hours. I've got a to-do list going that will take me the rest of the week to accomplish (if I'm lucky and if I stay on task....which is oh so hard for me). We're having gorgeous weather right now, so I'm out to spend some time with my own fiber sources (sheep, alpacas, llama) and some quality time on the mower.

*That top picture is of a huge billboard on the route to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. So Cute!


  1. Looks like the 'ultimate vacation for a fiber gal! Glad you made it to the mountain top :)

  2. Rhinebeck was so fun. I also went to Rhinebeck, and would loved to have met you in person. I just posted my own pics of the event on Weedwacker Knits.

  3. Well, I'll tell you that the artichoke french will be worth another trip back next year ;-). Interestingly I had to "settle" for a pretzel one year and it was so darn good, that that was actually going to be my first food stop this trip.

    You gotta divide and conquer where the food lines are concerned. I'll do my part next year! :-D

  4. Seriously, you have to check out the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival in late September. It is on it's way to eclipsing Rhinebeck. Just as much fiber and fun without the crowds and non-fiber folks, and much more realistic food lines...besides, it's so close, you can come to my house and I'll make you a pot pie...and lots of other good stuff. It is minutes from Saratoga, and the prices aren't nearly as crazy as Rhinebeck for things other than fiber...

  5. My only comment - besides longing to go to these far-flung wonderful events - is this could serve as the catalyst for making the effort to make something of the KY Sheep and Fiber Festival next May! It may take years, but this is an opportunity to make KY shine with sheep as well as horses. When you think of some of the big festivals, they kind of make 3 corners on the map. KY could (eventually) be the fourth corner!?! I HOPE some good vendors will get on board and support it.

  6. Never one to be envious, I am fighting it now after reading this post ;)

    So glad you had a good time. Are you going to show us your purchases?