Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's a Rock Star

Behold the power of Susan!! I'm amazed at how many of you stopped by here to leave a comment, in hopes of winning the Spud and Chloë giveaway! I think we can all just say Susan is a rock star in the knitting world. The best part is that she is the nicest person you might ever hope to meet. When I met Susan four years ago, it was because I co-owned a local yarn store and she was in town, with some other knitting authors (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Stefanie Japel, Ann Hood), for a book fair. We took the knitting authors to lunch (which turned out badly because of such slow service!) and I sat there completely in awe to be in the company of all these clever women. What I remember most about that day (other than the embarrassing lunch experience) is how nice Susan seemed---so down to earth and interested in what everyone else had to say.

I love that so many of you are enjoying the lamb-cam. It took a little convincing to get my husband on board with the idea. He was the one who did all the wiring between the monitor in the studio and the camera in the barn. It's a little more complicated than I first imagined, but it is so much fun. We call it lamb tv and we can waste a lot of time just watching, even when nothing in particular seems to be happening. I loved the comment someone left that there was finally a decent "reality show".

So, enough chit-chat. This morning the random number generator picked number 326, which, after eliminating some accidental duplicate posts, ended up being jenquilts2 - who said, "What a great giveaway and what a wonderful blog. I'm so glad I read about your blog on Susan B. Anderson's blog." So, jenquilts2, please contact me - diannemac1010@gmail.com by Wednesday noon (Eastern time), with your mailing address and I'll get the package in the mail! (should jenquilts2 fail to contact me by the deadline, I'll generate another number).

Thanks again, everyone for such enthusiastic participation! Happy "Spud and Chloë" Spring!

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