Friday, March 25, 2011

That was then

Yup, that was on Wednesday....warm, sunny, birds singing, bees get the picture. Spring was here. A description of today sounds as though winter is here to stay........gray, cloudy, cold, spitting snow, windy......not the same picture, huh?

We're back to reality with a thud in central Kentucky. Our lovely spring weather has gone elsewhere. I kept the ewes and lambs confined to the barn all day yesterday and the ewes were not happy with me. They wanted a taste of that tender, newly green grass. If I had opened the doors, they would have been outside in a flash, but it was just too cold and wet for the lambs. Today I relented and let them all go out to stretch their legs for a while. The lambs ran and ran and ran around the pasture, so I supposed they kept themselves warm enough. Unfortunately, the forecast calls for pretty much the same cruddy weather for the next several days. There may be a mutiny in the barn before the sun comes out again.

When we were deciding on which version of the barn cam we wanted, I thought seriously about getting one with audio capabilities. You all should be very glad I didn't go that route. Every time I walk into the barn it becomes unbearably noisy. I'm seen as the keeper of the food and I'm greeted with a cacophony of sound. (painfully loud and unpleasant) At this time of year, the ewes are ravenous. All they want to do is eat....all the time. Hmmm...that reminds me of someone else around here.


  1. I've been watching the lamb cam..... one night I looked and 20 minutes had gone by!

    Have all your ewes lambed now? I keep looking for ones that are still plump, but it's hard to tell.

    What happened to the little lamb that is limping and looks like it has a cast on it's foreleg?

  2. Hi - I've been checking in on your blog from time to time and I want to thank you for the stories. You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Barbara - Chicago

  3. I love the lamb cam! I too can find that time flies by when watching them! Thank you!!

  4. Deb-Rocky (you know-for a rough start in life) had some nerve damage in his leg during his birth. We've been trying a lot of different things, hoping that eventually it will heal. He has a splint on right now to keep his foot from turning under. In the beginning, he couldn't even stand up, so there is some progress.

  5. Love the lamb-cam ! Everyone looks great ! LLamas are a big surprise too ! Also been watching the little lamb with a "hobble"--so sweet,

    Love how the little ones will tap MOM on her back to "feed me". I keep missing their exits and entrances----do you entice them to come back in with food? Thanks !!

  6. Where did spring go? 70 one day low 30's the next. Looks like it will be warming up by the end of the week, but gee. Hope everyone there is staying warm.

    Knitted to a T

  7. I always check the webcam first before reading anything and there were two lambs up on the top of the bale of hay in the middle of the stall, having the time of their lives till mom came over and made them get down. Oh, Mom! Guess she was done eating and ready to move on. Of course the ewes are eating all the time - they are feeding more than just themselves!!

  8. Wish there was a "lamb-cam" outside to watch them run around outside......everyone looked ready for a nice quiet night with a little outside play on Sunday ! Did I see a large bird----peacock perhaps ?

    have a sweet day !
    Thanks for entertaining us .....

  9. Cory-we may try to move the camera for outside viewing a little later---if it ever warms up. Yes, that large bird was Mr. Dandy, our resident peacock. Mrs. Dandy was in the sheep pen also, but left before all the sheep came rushing in.