Thursday, March 17, 2011

You are my sunshine

(CVM babies - girl on the left - boy on the right)
When I was a little girl, I had an Aunt Freckles (honest!), who played the guitar and sang on the radio in the little town of Thermopolis, Wyoming. When I was about 8 years old, we drove out to visit and my best memory of that time was her playing and singing "You Are My Sunshine" to me. I've always loved the song, for that very reason. Even now, when I hear it, I go right back to being that shy little girl (with plenty of freckles of my own) being sung to in my aunt's kitchen. When my own boys were babies, that was the song I often sang to them at bedtime.

(with mom)
I don't know why, exactly, but that memory came to me today. Probably because at long last we are getting some sunshine and warm temperatures. I thought of it on my way to the barn this morning, so I sang it to the new baby lambs while their mothers were eating (and being quiet for a change!).

This morning started off well. When I arrived in the barn, Jilly had birthed triplets (all girls!), all by herself. They were all up, nearly dry and she was being calm and attentive to them all. Jilly had triplets last year, her first year of lambing, so apparently she remembers the drill. Six lambs from two years of lambing. Not a bad record, I'd say.

I'm celebrating the sunshine and warm temperatures, twenty healthy lambs (so far), the appearance of green, green grass and tiny leaves on the trees by having a little Spud & Chloƫ at the Farm giveaway. Come back tomorrow and check it out!

ps-I almost put a link to the Ray Charles version because I love it so much, but decided the version from Oh Brother was probably closer to how my aunt would have sung it (much more appropriate for an 8 year girl!).


  1. Those lambs are precious! I keep sneaking back to watch your Lam Cam. How am I ever going to get any work done!
    I sang "You are my Sunshine" to my two children as well. They are the sunshine of my life to this day. ;-)

    Congratulations on the new additions to your farm family!!

  2. Yeah, those lambs and their cuteness really made my day! Thanks for them and the sunshine song running around my head right now!

  3. Diane...The lambs are so adorable!! I love the markings. I paused for a bit to watch your lamb cam and got a good chuckle out of the triplets frolicking around the barn, semi out of control....too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I sang that song a lot to my son, too, along with (Statler Brothers'?) "Do You Know 'You Are My Sunshine.'" But the last song was always "Good-night, Sweetheart (it's time to go...)"

    Very cute lambs!

    I'm still happily knitting away on a beaded shawlette from yarn I won from you in November, so I probably can't win again. You are so generous!

  5. My mom always sang that song to my daughter when she was little. One of my favorites. I'm loving watching your lambs since we won't have babies of any kind this year.

  6. WE have just had our first grandchild and I sing her that song every chance I get.
    I love the lamb cam!! If I'm in the kitchen I leave it on and check it every so often.
    They are so cute and I love watching them play together. Thanks!!

  7. I also love that version of the song! It was one of my mother's favorites. She sang and played piano and ukelele, although we rarely heard the uke. She taught my sisters and me some fine old songs!

    Congratulations on all the babies!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. It's my favorite to sing to my little sunshine too :)

  9. I love love love your webcam!! Can't stop looking at it and the babies. Many years ago with my dad, I raised sheep on our farm. I'm not a spinner or a knitter but I am a rug hooker and use wool! I'm going to link your blog to mine!!
    Thanks for the webcam!!!

  10. Oh, I love those lambe! Such a pretty mama, too.