Monday, October 10, 2011


Some of the many,  many mums,  waiting to be placed.

It was, in every sense,  perfect.  It was the most personal,  fun-filled and happy occasion.  It was all a wedding should be and much,  much more.

As many of you know,  Mike and I have spent most of the summer preparing the farm for the wedding of Mike's son, Taylor,  and Crimson.  They are two very special people and their wedding was so them.  I am certain that everyone who attended was there because of their affection for the two of them,  which only added to the spirit of celebration.

The beginnings of "tent city" ( along with the caterer's van ) 

The weather was exactly what I ordered,  all those months ago,  when we first agreed to have their wedding here on the farm.  It was bright and sunny,  not too hot,  not too cool.  We knew the ceremony would be unusual,  but even Crimson and Taylor did not know exactly how it would all transpire.  The officiant,  who is a really close friend of theirs,  had several surprises for them along the way.   It was all so personal and heartfelt,  I know that every person in attendance was touched.  It was,  for sure,  a memory Crimson and Taylor (and all of us) will keep forever.

Inexplicably,  I only have a picture of half the tent during dinner.

I am embarrassed to admit that I took practically no pictures.  I kept losing and finding my camera and never seemed to have it when I had a moment.  The official photographer,  who is also a good friend,  took 4000 pictures !  ( really and truly,  I've never seen anyone work so hard to capture so many moments )  I'm hopeful that I can get permission to use some of his pictures,  or at the very least,  post a link to his website.

The bride ( bless her heart ) , dancing with my  10 year old grandson, Preston.

The last few hardy souls went to bed ( or should I say,  to their tents and sleeping bags ) around 3 am!  Mike and I had to give up around 1 am.  These people are young and they know how to party !  The band was great and kept the dancers going for nearly 3 hours.  We had a good crowd for coffee ( lots of coffee ),  yogurt,  granola and muffins on Sunday morning and I'm guessing there were some really tired people,  trying to work in a nap yesterday afternoon !

All tidied up and waiting for the rental company to come take it away

Mike and I are wondering what project to tackle next,  though I'm voting for a break in the action.  Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Years are just around the corner !


  1. Wonderful! I am happy for all of you. You deserve lots of Nap time!!

  2. So glad the wedding went off with out a hitch, other than the hitching of the Taylor and Crimson of course! I am hoping you are taking some time to be a little selfish for yourself now;)

    PS: Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Thought about you this past weekend, and wondered how everything went - so glad to hear that it was perfect! What a beautiful weekend weatherwise too- thanks for ordering that!

  4. Looks fabulous! Tent city is impressive :-D. Glad it all went so well and I trust you had a nice birthday as well :-).

  5. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! Loved seeing all of the tents on the hillside. Fun!

  6. So wish I could have seen the festivities! Please share more photos when you can :). Thankful the weather turned out perfect,

  7. I thought about you all weekend and was Thrilled that the weather was so beautiful !!!
    Hope that you have taken a small rest ... you deserve it !!!!
    Happy Fall to you :0)