Monday, December 5, 2011

Because they've been such good girls ...

( they wanted to wear their Christmas halters )
All last week,  Luna and Birdie kept hinting about going see Santa.  (They had heard that Uncle Graham had gotten to go before. )  They were afraid that if they didn't get there to deliver the message in person,  Santa might not realize their presents needed to be delivered to a barn,  not to a house.  Frankly,  I wasn't so sure how the whole thing might come off.  The possibilities for chaos seemed almost unlimited.  Saturday morning it was dry,  sunny and warm-ish and,  on the spur of the moment,  I said,  "What the heck?  Let's do it".   Santa was at the closest Southern States farm store and when I called ahead,  to be sure it was okay,  they said come on over.   After begging asking Mike to go along as photographer,  we discovered that I'd grabbed the camera that needed the battery charged,  so documentation was done by iPhone.  ( I need to make notes to myself,  in case I ever do this again. )

( Is it my imagination or does Santa look a little wary ? )

Luna and Birdie could have used a little more grooming ( like a bath,  maybe ! ) and I'm pretty sure Santa had to change his white gloves after we left,  but a good time was had by all.  The folks at Southern States were tickled to have sheep in the store ( go figure ? ).  Luna and Birdie played it like they go to Southern States every Saturday morning.  They walked right in,  let everyone pet them and stood  ( sort of ) willingly by Santa for pictures.  The only thing Luna and Birdie complained about was that the floor was pretty slippery and required some tricky moves on their part to stay upright and moving forward.   We should receive the official Santa shot from Southern States soon, but in the meantime,  we have Apple to thank for these shots.  Funny thing about my personal photographer ..... I think he enjoyed it as much as anyone else,  once he realized it wasn't going to turn into disaster !

( They thought these automatic door openers were something we really needed in the barn ! )


  1. I love this. What good girls you have!

  2. Oh my goodness! They've gotten SO big!! I love how they take things like walking into a store in stride.

  3. The baby girls have really grown up,and I might add behaved beautifully for their "MAMA". How fun for all in the store!

    very best wishes,


  4. oh how fun! I don't think I could ever attempt this, so it's fun to see your adventure!

    Keeping up with Wyatt in Tractor Supply is an event that I've often thought I should document with my's such a fun store for him - I can only imagine what the sheep thought!

    I wonder what they told the others when they got back home?

  5. Super cute and hilarious! I was laughing so hard! Mama and Papa don't think I'm such a softy with our sheep anymore...:)

  6. I almost took Popcorn to Petsmart this weekend. I was afraid there would be too many dogs though.

  7. Adorable Dianne! I had no idea you could bring farm animals to see Santa, I love it!

  8. Love this!! What is Southern State--a garden store?

  9. Hi Gale-Southern States is one of our local farm supply stores (kind of like Tractor Supply). You probably don't have those in your neck of the woods!