Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who are you .......


and what have you done with The Bun?  You'd never know it was the same girl, as in this picture. Phoebe is,  oh so patiently,   allowing me to learn how to harvest her fiber.  When I had bunnies before,  I always combed or plucked their fiber,   which required working on the bunny for several sessions.  When Phoebe came home with me this past summer,  I decided to harvest it all at once,  by clipping her.  Poor thing looks a little moth eaten.  ( Yikes,  moth is a four-letter word for people like me ! )

( I think I'm feeling a little lighter ! )
Even though she's living in the barn now,  she is still affectionate and ( mostly ) calm when being handled.  This morning,  she allowed me to hold her chin up to clip underneath and turn her over to clip her belly.  Afterwards,  we sat in the sun,  with her sitting in my lap or stretching up to put her head on my shoulder ( aawww - how sweet is that ? ) .  I put her in the big dog crate for a little exercise and she discovered clover growing through the bottom - hence the green stain around her mouth !  I didn't even see that until I downloaded the picture from the camera.

I'll have a few of my felted bowl sets and some really cute, tiny little mitten, sweater and hat ornaments.
On a completely different subject:  I'll be at Seldom Scene Farm's "Art on the Farm" event this coming weekend.  Lindy has lined up an impressive list of artists ( with the exception of me ), who will set up in her beautiful,  enclosed barn ( the space will be heated ) and, besides some wonderful local and handmade items for your Christmas shopping,  we'll treat you to tasty refreshments.  It looks like the weather is going to be clear and sunny and it will be a great day to drive away from the mall and crowds,  and out to the peace and quiet of the countryside.  Hope you will join us.  You can get directions and find out more about the event here .


  1. What a love ! Her coloring is so beautiful-gotta love the ears :)


  2. She is so cute, and at least she still has her "feathers" on her ears!


  3. LOVE those bowls! She's still adorable, even when she's having a bad hair day.

  4. Phoebe looks adorable even clipped!!
    I love your felted bowls! I have your little sweater and stocking ornaments on my tree :-D