Friday, January 20, 2012



Carson has come to Tanglewood Farm and we love him already.  He's a sweet boy and we are hoping that eventually Miss Sadie will make friends with him.  So far,  she seems determined to make sure he knows she is the boss around here.  Carson appears to be around 7 months old now,  judging from his teeth ( exam courtesy of my resident veterinarian ) .  He's already about twice as big as Sadie,  so it will be interesting to see how long she can keep up that charade !

Carson came to us courtesy of the Friends of the Animals of Jessamine County.  Recently,  my friend,  Teresa,  adopted a precious little dog named Tilly from the Friends.  I had seen Tilly's picture on the Friends' facebook page and it looked like a match to me,  so being the good friend that I am,  I sent her the picture and the rest is history.  Not one to leave well enough alone,  I found myself looking at their Available for Adoption page late one evening and there was Carson ( formally known as Peaches - which is way too girly a name for such a big boy ! ) looking out at me as if to say,  "Take me,  I'm yours".  How could I resist ?


Of course,  the name Carson came about because we are 'Downton Abbey' fanatics here at Tanglewood Farm.  Sunday night is now our favorite night of the week because it means the latest episode will be on Masterpiece Theatre !  I suspect that there just might be a 'Downton Abbey' themed lamb crop arriving here at the farm around the end of March !

Friends does such a wonderful job.  They have members who work tirelessly to rescue as many cats and dogs as they possibly can and they furnish foster care until they find loving,  forever homes.   If you have room in your heart and home for another pet,  please take a look at the Friends' website and schedule a home visit for pet who will be so grateful.


  1. Carson appears to be very aptly named! Can't wait to hear your other Downton names!

  2. Carson is incredibly handsome! I love his color. I've found I may need to unfriend my local organizations on facebook. They do too good of a job with the photos and the captions, I want all of them. Miss Ethel would literally have a hissy fit if I brought home another cat.

  3. He's so handsome! I got my little tortoiseshell cat from our local rescue group a few months before Downton Abbey started (I'm a huge fan, too) and named her Violet. Then, when Downton Abbey started, Maggie Smith's character was named Violet and I thought it was very fitting.

  4. He's gorgeous! And I agree, DA will provide some great names this spring.

  5. Congrats on your new fellow - Our older lady cat never did really accept it when we got a boy who looked a lot like Carson - Hope things are different in your house :-)

    You are the second person in as many days that has talked about shows on Masterpiece Theater - (my friend Maria at The Cat's Meow was the other) Maybe I should check it out. T.

  6. He's beautiful. So happy for him.
    We adopted a big, fluffy, apricot boy about 5 mos ago and although I spent about 3 weeks refereeing, Sophie has finally accepted him. But while she only weighs 6 lbs to his 16 lbs, he knows that she's the queen bee.