Wednesday, January 25, 2012


( Almost dinner time )

( Poor Buddy - it's exhausting to be in charge of all these pregnant girls )
  We are in a little lull at the farm right now.  There's not much happening but the ordinary, day-to-day barn chores;  feeding hay in the mornings,  feeding hay and grain in the evenings,  cleaning out the automatic waterers,  keeping clean bedding down for the teenagers (nearly one year old ewe lambs), feeding the dogs and cats,  feeding the chickens and collecting the few eggs they are giving us at this time of year.  Those are all mundane tasks, but they add a certain rhythm to my day.  I still have the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning stuff to do, but the animal related chores are the framework everything else fits into.  I sometimes wonder how it would be to not have those animal chores on my schedule.  At this point in my life,  I simply can't even imagine.  I know the day is coming,  sooner rather than later,  when I won't physically be able to do the heavy work that shepherding requires.  I hope when the time does come,  I am able to focus my energies on something as personally rewarding as what I do now.

I have been thinking a lot about shearing and lambing.  Usually,  that happens earlier than it will this year.  I purposely decided to start lambing a little later,  so the weather would be warmer and the grass starting to come on.  ( Little did I know that winter wasn't going to make much of an appearance this year. )  I'm hoping that shearing day will be pleasant because I would really like to have a "Shearing Day" event here at the farm.  Something very casual.  Maybe a come-on-down if you feel like it sort of event.  Maybe even a potluck meal for anyone interested in participating.  I'll know more as we get closer to the time and will issue the invitation here,  if I manage to get my act together.

(  the ears crack me up - they're like antenna........always scanning )
In the meantime,  these pictures are what you'd see a lot of,  if you were to stop by.  Nearly all of us just lying around,  waiting for our next mealtime !!


  1. Those are great shots of your guardians. :) The ears always crack me up too.

  2. Love your photos, Dianne. I do hope the Lamb cam will be up and running so we can see the little ones again. It was such fun last year!
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Sherbet enjoyed the photos of the sheep. Come and visit us at:

  4. Have the dates been sent for the KY Sheep and Fiber Festival yet?
    Will it be in the same location as last year?

  5. Mary-Never fear, the lamb-cam is coming back soon! It will probably start up again late February (though lambing won't actually start til the end of March. Everyone seems to love it, so we'll just go on and get it rolling!
    Judi-The festival dates are May 19-20, with workshops on May 18-19-20. We will once again be at Masterson Station Park (and at the same time as the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trials will be happening). We think it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

  6. I wish I lived closer. I would love to come for shearing day! Enjoy the down time while you have it!