Monday, January 9, 2012


 I don't believe I've shared any pictures of our most recent building project.  We waited several years for this one to get underway because we wanted the builder who built the additions to our house to be the one doing it.  Of course, we were assured that it would be finished well before the wedding.  ( Can it be possible that it was only 3 months ago ?  Seems like much longer. )  Anyway,  they finished about 4 days before the wedding and the painters finished the day before the wedding.  Fairly typical for most projects around here!
( one of the best things - looking straight through to see the ewes grazing )
I love it so much.  I'm not growing much in there right now,  but all my pots from the terrace are in there ( I've got geraniums blooming right now ),  and a few herbs.  In a few short months,  I'll be able to start seeds for planting in the garden come spring.  Though we haven't had much really cold weather,  yet,  I love going in there when it's cold outside and sitting in my wicker chair to soak up some of the warm,  moist air and smell that green smell of things growing.

( I think our next project should be a shed to put that big hunk of boat in )



  1. Oh how nice! I've often wanted a greenhouse. It would make getting seeds started sooooo much easier! Maybe I could build an extension on the chicken coop?...

  2. Oooohs and Aaaahs heading your way! Can't wait to see all the green goodness your greenhouse gives you:)

  3. I could live in your lovely greenhouse!