Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We are confused

Where,  oh where,  is winter?  Last week, while dragging our Christmas tree to the grandchildren's bonfire pit,  I passed a blooming dandelion.  How can that be ?  It gets worse ..... today,  while walking to the garden to harvest a head of Chinese cabbage,  there was a daffodil blooming in the border by the garden fence.  It's just all too weird.  I suppose I can admit that these nice,  dry days in the mid 50's make it pleasant to work outside and it has encouraged me to start a regular walking routine ( one of my 2012 goals - figure out a way to exercise here on the farm,  rather than drive somewhere to get on a treadmill ).  But,  still,  this just seems wrong.  Besides,  this is the south and if we don't get some really cold weather,  come summer the bugs ( mosquitoes especially ) will make war on us !

One good thing about the warm weather is that it's allowing the bees to come out for cleansing flights and feed on some frames of honey that I've been putting out for them.  Hopefully,  this mild winter will leave me with a strong and healthy hive when spring really does come.

**The above was written yesterday and today is a different story.  Rain,  rain,  rain today and lots of it. And I'm told that winter is coming tonight.  So, I'll try not to complain too much for getting what I asked for !


  1. I saw some dandelions in bloom here last week, too!
    Better than snow.

  2. What a dreary day today, huh? I just noticed a few tulips trying to poke out of the ground. They'd better turn around and go back!

    That header photo is killing me. Every time I see it I want to grab the yarn and knit something with it. Beautiful colors.

  3. Wow, dandelions and daffodils??!! I can remember having some bloom in early February but never January. As much as I am enjoying this weather, you are right- winter NEEDS to come (and will)!

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