Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#901 is no more ....

(Is it the dog days of summer already?)
It seems as though nearly every post I've written lately has begun with an apology for being absent and this is no exception.  Whoever suggested that summer was full of long, lazy days sure didn't live a life like mine.  We've had lots going on, including the hospitalization of my sweet mother-in-law and then a prolonged recovery period at home where she needed one of us close by 24/7.  Thankfully, she seems well on her way to being healthy again.

Well, the sheep who was just a number (formerly known as #901), has been christened Regina by my grand-daughter, Jordan.  Since she was the one who made me feel guilty enough to name the poor girl, I suggested she be the one to pick out the name.  Thanks to all of you who made such great suggestions.  There are at least two more ewes who have been living here as only a number (don't tell my grand-daughter!) and I think we'll spread the name suggestions amongst them.  Identification pictures to follow soon!  Just to make sure I keep my promise to name this year's lamb crop with Downton Abbey names, Jordan sent me a comprehensive list of all the character names. (and, I will add here, if you've just emerged from hibernating in a cave somewhere and don't know what Downton Abbey is, you NEED to get it from Netflix and catch up!  It's the best thing that has been on television in ages).

(nothing like trying to stay cool by sleeping in a crowd)
We're having a break from the hot, humid weather that plagued us last week - mid 90's most days. Ugh!  Have I ever mentioned how much I detest hot weather?  Really?  That many times? Okay, so you know where I'm coming from then.  The big barn fans were running day and night and still the sheep were panting.  If you've been watching the lamb-cam in the evening, you may have noticed that there's a lot less night time activity going on.  I've been opening the gate and letting them all go back outside during the night because it's been so miserable.  Soon I'll be weaning the lambs and then there will be lamb gymnastics in the barn all the time because I will pen them inside and move the ewes out to pasture, as far from the barn as I can get them.  Weaning is one time for you all to be especially grateful that the lamb-cam does not have sound! We go through a few days of pitiful crying before everyone settles down.  In the meantime, most days are spent like the picture above.  Seeking shade and sleeping are as strenuous as a hot summer day gets in the sheep world.  Almost makes me wish I could live like that (except for that no air conditioning thing)!


  1. Dianne...

    Once again, I must tell you how much I enjoy reading about your adventures on the farm. It brings back such wonderful memories for me, and I adore the lamb-cam...especially when the little ones are frolicking around. It's such fun to watch. Thank you for sharing with us all...


  2. Glad to catch up with you again. Seems like only yesterday that those lambs were being born. Now the topic is weaning!
    Glad to hear that 901 has a forever name. Regina is definitely a princess on her way to being a queen some day!
    Its cool here tonight. Hoping you have a little relief from this last hot spell as wellng3onof