Thursday, June 6, 2013

First day

(This was the view out my classroom window today)
I arrived at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire yesterday afternoon and immediately sunk into a state of relaxation bordering on being comatose.  I'm sharing a cabin with a wonderful, welcoming group of young women and they have not once made me feel like I was their mother (which I am definitely old enough to be).  That's just one of the great things about this place.  We're all equal here, no matter our age, where we've come from or what we do.

Today was my class with Maya Donenfeld and it was just as I knew it would be - wonderful.  She's such an encouraging teacher and she makes it impossible for you to not leave class thrilled with what you've done.  She taught us how to come up with our own design, cut that design into a stamp and apply it onto fabric.  Then we incorporated that into our sling bags.  Each and every person ended up with a very different bag but all were equally unique and beautiful.  I didn't get my bag totally finished because I agonized so long over the design for my rubber stamp.  I cannot draw and that part always takes me a while to conquer.  I still have a little sewing to do, but I'm very pleased with it. 

Tomorrow, it's the Squam smock class and more sewing.  I'm loving stitching again and being encouraged to get past some of my creative insecurities.

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