Sunday, June 2, 2013

On bee-ing happy

(nuc box on the left - getting ready to settle bees into hive box)
Sorry.  I know that's a lame title, but it's all about the bees this time of year.

I'm beginning again and this time I've started out with a back-up ..... a back-up hive, that it.  Since starting beekeeping several years ago, I've had very mixed results at it.  The first year was fabulous, the second year not quite so fabulous and last year was a complete failure.  I'm not easily discouraged though and have decided to make another go at it.  My friend, Mary's husband, Tommy, is a beekeeper extraordinaire.  He's the go-to man to call whenever anyone in the area sees a swarm or has bees in their house siding.  He captures these swarms, settles them into a hive and then they make their way to folks like me.  Last week he brought me two nucs (nucleus colonies) and we put the frames into the hive bodies I had prepared for them.  I've been watching them all week and they seem to be doing great.  They've been busy as, well, bees.  We have lots of flowers and trees blooming at this time, so they have plenty of sources for gathering pollen.  Right now they are raising brood and when the hive is full of workers, things really get going.  I've added the second hive bodies on and when they have filled those with honey for themselves, I can then add on the honey supers and hope they will start filling those for me.  One thing we did differently this time was place the hives where I can see them easily from the studio window.  Before, the hive was under some trees and just out of sight from the house and studio.  Every year I would have one or more swarms from that hive and I never once saw it happen.  If it's going to happen this year, I will surely see it.  Surely, Shirley! (know where that comes from?)

(added second hive bodies on around midnight - won't be doing that again - don't ask!)

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  1. Good luck with your bees!! I want to start up a hive, but haven't even gotten a box yet!! The desire is there. . . .