Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer time and the livin' is............

Not exactly easy---at least not here on the farm. When the weather is pleasant, it sure makes most chores easier and I want to be outside all I can. We've had perfect summer weather these past few days. Only in the 80's during the day and down to the 60's at night. I decided to take advantage of this nice spell and have some friends out for dinner last night. Nothing fancy, just grilled a pork tenderloin, made some tabouleh, fresh broccoli from the garden and roasted sweet potatoes wedges. And because the grocery has had some wonderful blueberries at a reasonable price, Blueberry Crumble for dessert. Aside from an evening of talking and laughing with good friends, the best part was having dinner on the screened porch. We love eating out there. No bugs, nice view and the sounds of nature all around us. We know we are fortunate to be able to sit outside and not have to worry about what the neighbors are seeing or doing. The privacy is one of the best parts of living in the country. Don't get me wrong-there are plenty of not so great things too. Driving 10+ miles for groceries (or anything for that matter) and not being able to do things on the spur of the moment are two that come to mind right away. Every choice requires a certain amount of compromise and, all in all, it usually seems worth the effort. Last night was perfect. Late in the evening, while we lingered over coffee and dessert, a gentle rain started to fall and we all decided that in this weather a sleeping porch would be heaven. Such a southern thing and in the days before air-conditioning it offered a little relief from stuffy houses. I will confess that when it is really hot and sticky, I'm oh so grateful for air-conditioning.
I'm looking forward to the weekend and having some quality knitting time. That has been really scarce since I came back from Knitter's Connection. I came home so enthused and full of ideas and then the reality of life on the farm hit me.
Have a good weekend, doing all the things you look forward to during the week!


  1. ...fantastically gorgeous.

    I just caught up with your doings and I agree on that briar rose yarn, too good to pass up.

    Hope you are well, sounds like you are.

  2. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for reading and commenting. I am still struggling to get knitting and spinning content on here. So much to do, so little time!

  3. I linked your blog in my post today so you may be getting some traffic, I hope. I came back here to make sure the link worked.

    I just saw your "good morning muffins" again. That is way better than my good morning pickle:)

    That Briar Rose is really beautiful. Are you going to post what you bought? Isn't that the yarn co. that supports the Cast On podcast?