Monday, June 16, 2008

Too much fun!

(Not that I would ever admit to having too much of anything--especially fun!) We had a really good time and I have nothing but high praise for the city of Columbus. It was just beautiful and every single person, and I mean every person, we came in contact with was so pleasant, friendly and helpful. And everything we saw in the downtown area where we stayed was sparkling clean.
The workshops were fantastic--all of them. I took a class from Candance Eisner Strick on knitting backwards, one from Lucy Neatby on double knitting, Sally Melville on stranded knitting, and Cat Bordhi on the mobius. They were all wonderful in their own way. They made it fun and informational and I can recommend all of them. I'm surprised that more people don't know about the Knitter's Connection. If it had not been Father's Day weekend, I would have stayed through Sunday because there were many more classes I would liked to have taken.

Saturday night I went to the Ravelry talk. It was fun to hear how Ravelry came to be and get to know Jess and Casey and Mary-Heather's personalities. I did learn a lot about the features on Ravelry that I had no clue about (which seems to be most of it!). They have so many plans for making it even bigger and better, it's hard not to catch their enthusiasm. It is an unbelievable resource for all of us fiber people and I think we should support their efforts by using it and donating to make it possible for them to continue.

On the yarn procurement issue, I did rather well. My favorite vendor was briar rose fibers and I managed to bring home several skeins of gorgeous hand-dyed yarns. I know----I raise sheep, spin and dye my own wool, but the briar rose yarns were just too beautiful to pass up. Besides, (I tell myself) I can use them for inspiration!!
The only downside to the whole experience was that when I got home, I faced a pile of laundry (how did he manage to use that many pairs of socks?) and a garden gone wild with weeds. It will take me the rest of the week to reclaim and restore order around here!

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