Friday, October 10, 2008

The mulch man cometh.....

Those two big white lumps on top of the mulch pile are our ferocious (not really) guard dogs, Hannah and Holly. This is how I found them a few mornings ago when I was on my way to the barn to feed all the animals. I can only guess they had a busy night, barking and patrolling to keep everyone safe. They acted completely worn out! Now that the older dogs are gone, these girls have finally bonded and are spending more time together. All the Pyrenees I've ever owned have been sweet natured and though they look to be big, slow moving creatures, when they hear or see something they aren't sure about, they can spring into action. Generally speaking, they are somewhat standoff-ish to people they don't recognize and I suppose their very size intimidates a lot of people. The only reason we are able to have sheep and keep them alive is because of the dogs. We live just above the Kentucky river and there are miles of wooded cliff sides where the coyotes live and hunt. We hear them howling and yipping every night and it is very reassuring to hear Hannah and Holly barking out a warning to stay away.

That big pile of mulch (actually there are two that size) is the result of work being done to widen our country road. I asked the road engineer if I could have some of the mulch they make when they chip and shred tree branches. They were only too happy to dump it here because it is about 12 miles from the farm to the recycling center. These days we all think about how much gas it takes to go anywhere. I plan to use the mulch in the walkways between the raised beds in the garden, but still have a major clean-up ahead of me before I can do that.

It looks to be glorious weekend here and I plan to tackle some of those outside jobs I've been procrastinating doing.....and maybe, just maybe, try to squeeze in a little knitting time. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. We have a lot of coytes due to all the building going on around us. We heard them for a couple of years and then not for about a year but in the last 3 months, since they started a new building project about 2 miles up the road they have been so loud and sounds like lots of them. My husband was out riding his horse the other night and actually came in as they sounded so close. Hope you get some knitting in.