Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Most mornings I go to the barn to feed and then do various chores and spend time with and observing all the animals. There are lots of mini-dramas happening all around. I caught a little stand-off in the back barnyard yesterday morning that reminded how far you can go if you have confidence in yourself. Sadie is a barn kitten who came home with me from my son's house a few months ago. She is one of the sweetest kittens I have ever been around and she is a tiny, little thing. She and her companion, Oliver (who came home with me a few weeks later----I know, am I a sucker or what?), have settled right in to their role of working barn cats (in training). Oliver is a bit timid around people, but fearless around the animals and, though I didn't realize it until yesterday morning, Sadie is not lacking in confidence either. Sadie was in the back barnyard, playing with a feather she'd found on the ground and suddenly all three alpaca boys were surrounding her. Earlier I had seen one of the boys go after Oliver, so I thought maybe I should go out and rescue Sadie before she got hurt. She did not need my help, thank you very much! As soon as one of these guys put their nose down to smell her, she would give them a whack with her paw. The amazing thing is they backed off! There's a lesson there for all of us.
Today is the picture perfect autumn day in Kentucky. It has been quite cool at night this week, in fact, down in the 20's, and we've been able to have a fire in the fireplace several evenings. I love that--the sight, the smell and the sound of a real wood fire. It's one of the the things I like best about cold weather. It looks to be a perfect weekend here in Kentucky. I hope it is the same where ever you are.

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