Friday, October 24, 2008

New job skills

I have a new job skill to add to my resume of very specific, but not so useful skills. BIRD WRANGLER (definition-someone who spends way too much time during her day trying to get peafowl off the top of the barn roof, off the front porch, off the hay feeders, off, off, off........of, you name it, they've been on it.) It looks as though they have finally figured out the roosting deal and, as you can see, are all cozy up there with mom. We've never had peafowl chicks before(except Mr. and Mrs. Dandy, who were kept in with the chickens until they were adults), so their behaviour is pretty interesting to me. Frankly, I'm amazed at how Mrs. Dandy is still being such a watchful and protective mother.
Today we had blessed rain all day long. This is the first good soaking rain in about three months. The picture shows the creek crossing we drive through every time we leave or come home. For many months it has been barely there, but today it is flowing again. I never, ever have a clean car for more than a few hours because of driving on a gravel farm lane and through the creek.

This morning, I brought everyone up so they were either in the barn, or had shelter under one of the shed roofs. I know that is a little over-protective, but because it is going to get cold tonight, I didn't want them to be wet and cold. The sheep, especially, can handle the cold and usually prefer to be outside, but not if they are wet. The Bluefaced Leicester fleeces part right down the middle of their backs in the rain and they seem miserable. So, in they came and settled right down for an afternoon of snoozing with the sound of the rain on the metal roof of the barn. I love hearing the sound of the rain and of the animals quietly resting. It inspired me to stay in my work room in the barn and spin up some roving I recently dyed. I'm in the process of taking pictures and setting up a shop on Etsy. (I need to develop actual useful skills for this.) I have only been selling my yarns and roving locally, but Susan Anderson has given me the encouragement I needed to extend myself a little and see what happens.

I have spent the last hour or so sorting through knitting projects to take on the road tomorrow. I'm meeting two friends at 6 am and we are driving to the Southeastern Animal and Fiber Fair, just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Driving down and back----tomorrow. That's 9 hours of road knitting time. Actually, since there are three of us, and if we take equal turns at driving, it is 6 hours of knitting time, give or take a little for eating and other necessities. I am definitely up for a little road trip. I was so disappointed to miss Rhinebeck this year, but am planning on next year already. So, I've settled on socks, a scarf, a nearly finished sweater and there's the outside possibility I may cast on for some mitts. Well, you know, I might get tired of working on just one thing. It's good to be prepared!
Wherever you are, have a great weekend. I'll be back soon with a full report on SAFF.

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