Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Not cars or birds, but hummers of the four footed kind. (Be sure your sound is turned on when you play the video.) Sunday afternoon I put Strawberry and Pippi in with the yearlings and then put the alpaca boys in with the male llama. I was hoping everyone would get along and, so far, they have. Pretty soon I'm going to need to wean Pippi and I thought having her in with the yearlings and being used to them would help during the transition. The male llama is not happy about being separated from Strawberry and has spent the last few days walking the fence and vocalizing (that's the humming you hear). Strawberry has acted oblivious. She's been giving him to cold shoulder and refusing his attentions, so I'm hoping that means she is bred. In any case, I think he is going home around the end of the month. He's a lovely boy and has been absolutely no trouble at all since he came here last fall. Pippi is crazy about him and she will miss him when he's gone---much more so than her mother will, I think.


  1. Sara-That's not Pippi in the video--that's the male llama. She's growing a lot, but not that much!

  2. Late to see this and listen..I love the humming..but I have to tell you that I am just downright and darned jealous with the birdsong!