Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm coming down with something

Those few wonky little unblocked squares were supposed to grow up to become a full-sized afghan, but it's looking as though they are now destined to become a pillow top or a doll afghan.

Recently a friend and fellow blogger, Lindy, turned me on to another blog that has started a craving. Attic24 has turned me into a crochet wanna-be! I am not much of a crocheter, but man-oh-man, I want to make a granny square afghan and a ripple afghan. Right now! And the colors--so far out of my usual palette, but exactly what I want to be working on at the moment. I've never been particularly drawn to bright colors. Mostly, I go for the earthy shades and more subtle hues, but her colors are calling loudly to me. I did a little search in my studio this week and came up with a few granny squares I started years ago. My idea was to make a throw, all from my hand-dyed, handspun yarn, for the back of the sofa in the sunroom. (I had visions of being curled up next to the fireplace, with the afghan over my lap, knitting away on a snowy afternoon. Not likely to happen, but I love the vision!) That dream has been replaced and, as soon as I can gather up all the colors, I'm starting a bright, sunny afghan. My reasoning is that it will be the perfect project for summer----small, portable, and I can even take it out on the boat. Perfect!

As you can probably tell from the size of those bellies, we are still waiting on the first lamb. All the pregnant girls want to do is eat and lay around groaning with every breath. Not that I can blame them.


  1. Boy, Attic24 is awesome!!! Can't wait to see what you put together and I think it needs a few flower embellishments!

  2. I also have the crochet bug !!!! I am starting classes in Lexington in 2 weeks :0) I sure hope that poor teacher is ready for me !!! i read over a crochet pattern ....... ugh !!! it looks sooo foreign !!!!
    i am so looking forward to your new baby lamb pictures when they get here :0)