Thursday, March 5, 2009

What makes chickens happy?

Why, leftover quiche, of course! That broccoli and cheddar quiche caused a feeding frenzy in the hen house this morning. The chickens are the ultimate recycling method used here at Tanglewood Farm. They get a lot of vegetable peelings and leftovers, especially during the winter, when they spend most of their time indoors. The excitement is rampant when they see I have a kitchen container in my hands. It doesn't take much to make them glad to see me!

This little guy is our resident rooster, "Doo" (short for Cockey-Doo, so named by his previous owners). He's a Golden Laced Cochin Bantam and we have one little hen to match him. "Doo" has been on thin ice lately because he has decided he doesn't want anyone coming into the hen house but me. Every time my husband goes in to feed, "Doo" comes after him! Needless to say, this behavior is not well received. I'm hoping when the chickens can come outside everyday and expend more energy scratching around in the barnyard and beyond, he will settle down and be a nice boy again. Mike can handle his grumpy disposition, now that he knows to look out for him, but I don't want him terrorizing the grandchildren.

One last picture from the chicken house. This girl decided she wanted to be a mama nearly two weeks ago. I spent a week taking her off the nest, only to find her right back on it next time. I've given up and she's been allowed to keep six banty eggs to see if she can hatch some chicks. By the way, she is not a banty. She's a Black Australorp and one of the biggest breeds we raise. I figured she'd be big enough to protect the chicks, if she's successful. Stay tuned for updates on this.


  1. Came back for a second peak and saw a new post on the chickens.....they are truly magnificent. I bet their eggs are delicious. What I would do to have a life that could incorporate chickens with fresh eggs....and also sheep and donkeys....and big dogs.....But then if I did I wouldn't keep popping over to see you!! I'd be too busy taking care of the menagerie.

  2. Michele-Thanks for the compliments on the chickens. They are fun and the eggs really are delicious. I'm very grateful to be living the life I always wanted, but believe me it's a lot of work! Thanks so much for reading and commenting.