Monday, August 24, 2009

Large immoveable objects.....

We've had some (wonderful) unusual weather for August the last few days. It's been cool and cloudy, as opposed to very hot and sunny. On days when it is really overcast and cool, the sheep will often be found scattered around, snuggled down and snoozing in the fields. These adult ewes looked like boulders strewn around the field on Saturday morning. Sometimes when I see them sleeping like this, I have to yell or clap my hands, just to see if they lift their heads or wiggle their ears, to reassure myself that they are alive!

At the risk of being perceived as just another blogging, bragging grandmother (who me?), this story was in the Lexington Herald-Leader in the Inside/Out section on Saturday. These boys put their gardening grandmother to shame.


  1. Very cool! Wish they'd come to my neighborhood.

    Love the immoveable objects :-)

  2. great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.