Thursday, August 6, 2009

When my yarn takes a ride

That's right. I said, when my yarn takes a the car (or truck)...with me. This is a little known phenomenon among knitters, and especially spinners. We have bought or created a yarn that we just can't stop staring at and/or fondling. We want to look at it and be inspired. We admire it and wait for inspiration for the perfect project. For the longest time, I thought I was the only one who took my yarn for car rides, but I have finally gotten admissions from a few other spinners and knitters (those brave enough to own up to it!) that they do the same. This was a major relief for me. There for a while I thought I was alone in my obsession! Yesterday when I went to town for Wednesday knitting, there were three skeins of handspun along! That's a little unusual. Normally, there would only be one skein riding shotgun.

One of the best things about knitting, spinning and other fiber related activities is how, though many of us lead very diverse lives and have very different personalities, the love of fiber serves as a common thread (no pun intended) that helps us relate to one another. We are the ones who can't help touching the yarn in the shop, feeling the fleece on the animal, noticing the detail on someone's sweater or scarf. It's the tactile-ness that we share. Too bad everyone can't find a common thread that would allow them to "just get along" the way most spinners and knitters do.
The Tour de Fleece really got my spinning batteries charged up and I have been working on my stash steadily. That skein in the middle is the Bluefaced Leicester roving I dyed.....way back here. I'm finally getting it spun up and, though it doesn't "look" like the kind of colors I usually create, I'm liking it a lot.


  1. : )
    My yarn goes for rides too. My handspun loves to trek over to my LYS, lunch with a friend, even work!

  2. Dianne...every word of your post rang so true for me. I am a fiber lover of the nth degree. Add fabric to the yarn love and, well, it may just be that I have a teensy weensy stash problem.

    Anywho, my bag goes with me everywhere...even if I don't get to work on anything.


  3. I've not heard of this phenomenon, but can totally understand it. I love all three color combos you have and I'm not really that much into multi-colors. You did a great job!

  4. Sara-I can't believe you've never done this!! Your poor, neglected, left-at-home yarn!

  5. Hehehe.... I always take my yarn for a ride to knit night. The wee little skeins seem to like the attention;) I had a feeling that colorful roving would grow on you. It turned out fabulous!

  6. I can understand! My recent scarves are watching hgtv with me right now.

    Your yarn is beee-u-tee-full!

    I would vote for it for homecoming queen!