Monday, August 31, 2009

Winding down

I love the kind of weather we've been having lately. It's been quite cool for the end of August. Today it's in the low 70's and tonight's forecast is for low 50's. There's a certain slant of light that accompanies the change of seasons here in Kentucky. One afternoon you look up and the sky is deep blue and the air is so clear. Everything comes into sharp contrast after the steamy days of summer. I'm sure we'll have more hot, muggy days before autumn is here to stay, but I'm enjoying every moment of this coolness.

The weekend went by in a blur, as it always does. We stayed on the farm all day Saturday and most of Sunday, working in the garden (which is pretty much lost in the weeds at this point), mowing, doing some chores with the lambs and lots of outdoor clean-up and maintenance. One thing about living on the farm is that the to-do list never, ever ends. Sunday afternoon, we packed a small cooler, the Sunday paper and my knitting and took the boat to the end of the road for a few hours on the river. It was so quiet and calm. We saw a few people fishing, but otherwise had the river to ourselves. Nearly as soon as we were underway down river, we hit something and broke the propeller on the motor. Instead of hauling out and coming right back home, we decided to drop anchor and just relax for a while. Forced relaxation is about the only way we can seem to stop working!

Heading back home, we came to our farm lane and look who was there to greet us! Remember this girl? Once again, there were two of them, but one ran off into the woods as soon as we came in sight. This one was just as before, curious and nonchalant about us as long as we didn't make any sudden movements. I was so happy for Mike get to see the foxes for himself.

I'm knitting on Christmas gifts for the grandchildren. It's a little less than four months from now and I need to get more disciplined about finishing things. Maybe I can get some pictures on here soon, just to prove that I really have been knitting and that this blog is still trying to be about fiber (at least occasionally!).

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    We had a fox in our backyard a couple of summers ago. That was a first. They are beautiful animals to see.

    Hope you are well and it's looking lovely in your neck of the woods. Impressive that you are working on Christmas knitting already. I am a last minute girl as always-a painful way to live at times.