Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's blue

Strawberry had her cria this afternoon, just after 1 pm, and it's wearing a blue coat. From that clue, you can surmise it's a boy. While I was really hoping that we might get lucky enough to have two girls in a row, I was not at all surprised by the boy. Out of the 6 crias we have had born here, Pippi is the only female. Do you suppose there's something in the water? Anyway, he's cute as can be (his markings and color are pretty much like his mom) and we think we may as well let him stay! I was here and able to take the blow dryer to him immediately and get his little quilted coat on, so he didn't get chilled or unduly stressed. He got up and nursed right away, so we're off to a good start. I don't have a name for him yet. If it had been a girl she would have been named after Strawberry's mother, Hollyberry. So, now what? It's hard to think of a boy name that includes "berry" in it. The last boy Strawberry had, we named Jazzberry.

Sorry about the dark, blurry pictures-barn light is not great for portraits!

Honestly, there's nothing like a new baby (of just about any species) to liven things up. I suppose that's why I keep breeding my ewes. I love having those babies around. Usually, by the time lambing is finished, I'm so tired I'm planning on skipping a year or two, but when fall comes around I have forgotten what hard work it is and am already thinking about having new lambs to play with in the spring.

These are the little girls, looking in and wondering what all the fuss was about. That's Buddy in the middle there. I guess you could say he's kind of one of the girls, too (but, don't let him hear you!)


  1. Congratulations!! He looks great!
    My husband suggested Huckleberry for a name. :)

  2. Awwww - too cute! Love the picture with his head snuggled up on his momma. I like Huckleberry too :-).

  3. Gooseberry
    Dazzleberry (I made that one up)
    'Berry' White
    'Berry' Manilow ........

    He's adorable!! I'm glad you're going to keep him.

  4. Oh, so cute.....congratulations!! I was going to suggest Gooseberry but I think Deb W has it nailed with her choices - oh to be so creative, witty and quick!