Friday, February 19, 2010

February Friday farm scenes

At last, a ray of sunshine coming our way. Boy, have we ever had the gray, snowy days of late and it's almost shocking when the sun finally makes an appearance. This winter weary person is craving sunshine and warm temperatures enough that I can almost fool myself into thinking it feels a little like spring out there least enough to make me pull off the wool hat and work gloves while I was feeding this morning. I know better though. Just as soon as I start feeling relieved that winter is comes the snow again. (The weatherman says it may be coming back this weekend.)

Last weekend, Mike and I went to meet a Great Pyrenees who was looking for a new home. She's a beautiful dog and is going to grow up to be much bigger than our Holly. We brought her home with us and I've spent a lot of time this week trying to acclimate her to our farm and animals. At this point, I'm just not sure if she is going to work out. She and Holly have become friends and that is helping, but she's still awfully skittish. Her name is Penny and she's eleven months old and being that old is part of the problem. She's never known anything but the farm where she was born, so the transition is not as easy as it might be for a young puppy. One good thing is that her former owners will happily take her back and they do have some eight week old puppies available. I'm a fairly patient person when it comes to dealing with my animals, so I'm not quite ready to give up on her. I think she looks sad and worried and I want her to be happy here. So, we'll just have to hope she settles in and starts to think of this place as home.

Holly and Penny heading off to "work".

The weekend. How is it possible that it's here again so soon? Nothing big planned for this weekend, but that's the way I like it. Hope your weekend is the way you like it, too.


  1. I sure hope Penny works out for you. I loved the picture of the two of them at the end heading off. These BWD's seem quite adaptable. We added an approximately 3 year old Pyr-Akbash cross to our farm and he seemed to find his footing after we got him with some goats/alpacas of his own. Although he gets on well with the other LGDs in their pasture, he has trouble with them in his, so we keep them separate and our big Bear has turned into everything we could hope for. So, I hope that your new girl will come through for you ~ Ken and Mary Berry of Fancyfibers Farm

  2. Look at all your pictures - and me here still missing my camera! We are experiencing GLORIOUS spring weather here right now, which of course I can't document.... Heading out to put the sheep out on green grass and sunshine!

  3. Ken & Mary-I hope she works out too. Unfortunately, keeping her in with a separate bunch of sheep won't work right now because she's been used to having a bunch of other dogs around all the time. I've added adult dogs in before, but none have acted quite like Penny. So,I'm just hoping for the best.

  4. Michelle-I left my camera at my son's house and did without for 9 days.It was awful!! I didn't know how attached I was until then!Blogging sure changes the way you observe your day.Hope some of that weather you're enjoying spreads this way.(I can't even remember what green grass looks like.)

  5. How can the weekend be here again already!?! Are you kidding? These have been two of the longest, hardest weeks at work. Even though it's just in town, that commute has been brutal some days. We have all been begging for the weekends! Having nothing planned is just my cup of tea for the next two days.

    I know you won't give up on Penny unless all else has failed and she just won't do. I hope it works out though - I would like to see her expression change. Maybe Holly will have a talk with her.

  6. Dianne....I enjoy all your posts, but have become especially fond of the "dog" ones. Up until recently, I never really considered myself a dog lover.......then Pumpkin came to us and the rest is history. I'll say a little prayer for Penny.


  7. I hope Penny works out too. Your line about her looking sad and worried was so poignant. Dogs are so much more complex than many people realize it seems.