Monday, May 17, 2010

Exciting News

Not long ago, I saw that Gale Zucker, who took all the fabulous photographs for the book "Shear Spirit" was giving a workshop at Juniper Moon Farm in Virginia, for people who want to improve their photography skills and especially those of us who are bloggers and are often taking photos of our fiber and knitting. I could hardly wait to sign myself up because I really want to become a better photographer. When I began blogging, I started carrying my camera everywhere and sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a good picture, but often not. In fact, I have a brand new camera that is supposed to be terrific. Right now I'm mostly too intimidated to take it out of the camera bag. Then I discovered that the workshop was this past weekend. Well, obviously I was already very busy during the weekend. I was so disappointed, but decided to contact Gale to see if she was doing another workshop anywhere close. Then, I had a better idea! Why not host a workshop here? So, now it's all planned and all you have to do is sign up and show up! Questions? Just email me or Gale.

Gale covers a lot of information in two days and, from the reviews I've read of past workshops, we will have a great time while we're learning. As an added bonus, on Saturday evening after class, we will be taking a short Llama Trek on beautiful Seldom Scene Farm, which is not far from here and belongs to my friend, Lindy Huber. We'll be served wine and cheese and have a chance to see Lindy's studio while we are there. There will be plenty of photo opportunities both here on my farm and on Lindy's farm.

Please consider joining us for this terrific opportunity to have fun and learn a lot, all at the same time!


  1. But all I have to take pictures with is a point-and-shoot Canon Power Shot! That's probably not the kind of "photography' you're talking about.

  2. Your camera is just fine. The whole point is to learn to use what you have for the best possible end result. Honestly, no fancy equipment needed.

  3. I can't wait!

    And Deb W, your Canon Power Shot is a good little camera and with a little knowledge can be a great camera. There's way more to good photography than the size of your camera :-).