Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My fan club

Here they biggest fans! There are actually three members of the club, but one of them wandered off before I could take the picture. They are deliriously happy when I walk out to see them, though I know that is almost entirely because I have their bottles. Olive is in the process of cutting back to three a day and the other two are getting bottles morning and evening. Last week I started easing Olive into the flock so she can learn to be a sheep. She's doing quite well, I think. She tries to keep up when the bigger lambs are running their races. If she falls behind, she just stops and waits for them to make their next loop and joins in again! Such a smart little girl!

If you are thinking about joining us for the Gale Zucker photography workshop, you might want to get your registration in soon. The class will be limited in size in order to give each of us the attention we need (or, at least, I need!). That being said we need to have enough people sign up to make it worthwhile for Gale to travel all the way from Connecticut to teach us. This is such a great opportunity to learn from a professional (who really gets the whole knitting/spinning/fiber thing) in a non-intimidating setting. And we are going to have a lot of fun while we're doing it!

Check out Gale's blog and here to learn more about her workshops and then sign yourself up!


  1. Hi Dianne,
    I met you at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival when I was there with Mary Nehring. I asked you about posting a picture of Olive and promised I'd let you know when I published the blog. I did today:

    I hope you get this. I can't seem to click on your email from your profile.
    K. (K. is short for Karen)
    p.s. Mary did indeed pass out the flyers for your photography workshop at the last Louisville Fiber & Textile Artists meeting.....oh and also I love your blog :)

  2. Karen-thanks so much for letting me know about your Ky Sheep & Fiber Fest post. How fun to see little Olive on someone else's blog!Please thank Mary for passing out the workshop flyers. I sure hope some will take advantage of this great opportunity.Thanks a lot for reading (and commenting). It's great to know someone out there is visiting here.