Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Notes from the weekend

(Teeny adorned herself for the Festival)

Well, I do believe a good time was had by all. We've been getting a lot of positive feedback from attendees and vendors and people are already talking about next year! That's a pretty good sign, don't you think? We'll be having a wrap up meeting soon and planning for next year will start immediately after, so any suggestions you have for making us bigger and better will be gladly received.

Saturday was just perfect. Glorious weather, big crowds and everyone in good spirits. Sunday was not so great weather-wise, but still we had decent crowds and good sales. Of course, I have almost no pictures. A few of Miss Olive and company and some of my vendor space (after I had sold so much stuff, it looks a little bare). There will be pictures and competition results on the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival website very soon though. Thanks to all who came by to see me (I was not fooled. I know each and every one of you really came to see Olive, but that's okay).

(before the bottle)

(after the bottle)

Meanwhile, the wreckage here at home does not seem to be straightening itself out. The yard..oh my! It's a jungle out there! We are finally having a day without rain and I've made the first pass with the ZTR and will need to do the whole thing all over again in a day or two (if it's not raining) to make it look decent. Meanwhile, my vendor space tent is half-way open in the garage, drying out, and there are boxes and bags piled everywhere. Mike and I were reminding each other this morning that this is the month we always start thinking we are crazy to be out here in the boonies with all these animals. The grass grows so fast and the weeds in the garden are growing even faster. And.....It.Won't.Stop.Raining. Next thing we know, it will stop raining and seem as though it's never going to rain again. Kentucky weather!


  1. Hey, thanks for the reminder about the wet tent! Mine is still in the truck... on my way to get it out now. Thanks! :)

    p.s. Olive is ADORABLE!! Makes me "almost" want another bottle lamb.


  2. Have to admit that I was one of the ones that just had to meet Olive. And she was worth the effort. Sleepy and adorable after her bottle. Sorry I missed you, though.

    We're getting rain here in St. Louis today, so I don't think it's over for you guys either.

  3. So nice to meet you over the weekend! Olive looks pretty happy...I bet she is glad to be home now.I can hardly wait to start spinning the fleece I got...such a beautiful color.