Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lucky me

The last time thecrazysheeplady came to visit, we were out in the field taking pictures and visiting with the lambs and I challenged her to just look down and find a four-leaf clover. It is ridiculous how many she finds on her own farm and I was sure there weren't any here. I look all the time and never seem to find any. Sure enough, she looked down and found several! I decided right then that she has some kind of mystical gift. One day last week, I walked out into the field to give Olive her mid-day bottle and after she guzzled it, I sat down in the grass to enjoy listening to the bells the ewes wear and watch the lambs playing. Sitting there, I looked down and, lo and behold, there was not one or two, but four four-leaf clovers and a couple with five leaves! (If five leaves are unlucky, please just don't tell me!) I took pictures because I thought no one would believe me. I could hardly believe it myself. I don't know if I landed in a patch of lucky clover or if it was just that I had slowed down enough to actually see what was right in front of me.

One of the best parts of raising sheep is observing them. Nowadays, the lambs are getting more and more adventuresome and often wander away from their moms to play with the other lambs. When it's nap time or in the evening, when everyone is bedded down for the night, they gather in their little family groups and settle down close to mom and siblings. I caught this sweet picture of the CVM ewe, Fiona, with her little ewe lamb at rest. This ewe lamb has been dubbed Clarabell, because of her funny little clown face and her endearing mannerisms. She is very curious and always comes up to watch Olive taking her bottle. She's most often the lamb who buddies up with Olive, too, which makes me feel better knowing that Olive has a friend. And then, of course, there's always one or two who won't settle down at nap time and spend their time and energy trying to start trouble.


  1. Are these with your new camera? They are lovely shots...and not just "lucky" catches ;-).

  2. i have that mystical gift. it is my way to relax. just covering part of the front yard (whole property was less than 1/4 acre), i could find a dozen twice a week. it was a real stress reliever for me. once i took a bouquet of four leaf clovers to a pregnant friend on bed rest. also while taking sanity walks around my work at the time, i would see one, stop and pluck it, and move right on. this amazed my coworkers.