Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All over the place....

(lambies with their favorite babysitter-good old Strawberry)
 Ah, Kentucky--the land of many seasons......and sometimes they all happen within one week.  Just days ago, I was still wearing socks and a sweater to the barn in the mornings.  Now I'm wearing as little as possible because it's 90+ freaking degrees.  What is wrong with this picture?  It's not even officially summer yet, people!

The last group of lambs got separated from their mamas over the weekend and have had their second vaccinations and de-worming medication.  They have been in the barn for a few days, with the big barn fan on them, but this morning I let them out into the pasture where they can find a shade tree.  It's time to start letting my babies go to new homes, but it is so hard for me!  It's part of that cycle of life on the farm that I've come to accept (but still dread).

Last Friday I had an opportunity to take a felting workshop from Nicola Brown, who traveled here all the way from Ireland.  Almost everyone there had more experience than me, but I learned a lot and came home with my very own iPad cover, from my very own home grown, hand dyed wool.  I am inspired to do some other small projects now.  I've heard rumors that Nicola may be coming back to the states in the fall, so I'm hoping to take more classes with her.  My friend, Lindy was also there and wrote a wonderful blog post about the workshop and a little adventure that happened the day after the workshop.

I realize that this post is kinda all over the place. When my brain is functioning a little better, I'll have some new knitting books to share. This kind of weather calls for staying inside during the heat of the day, with my knitting and books, of course.


  1. How did you and Lindy find out about such a cool class? I had just finished reading her post when I saw yours.

    Poor sheepies and camelids! Unbelievable. Less than 2 weeks ago, it was 50 degrees. Today on my way home, a time/temp sign on Versailles Road said 97 degrees!

  2. I just love that picture. What a good babysitter. :)

  3. Gotta say .....
    I hope that all those that wanted the rain to stop and it to warm up are happy :0( OMG .... it is horrible !!!!!
    Is there any Snow in the forecast ????? Right now, I would settle for some 70's !!!!
    The weatherman said this morning that it would not be as hot today ... 88 instead of 90 !!! Well that is a relief !!!!!
    PS .... I LOVE my yarn I bought from you at the Festival :0) The colors are Fabulous !!!!
    Stay cool :0)

  4. It was a pleasure to have you in the workshop Dianne and I look forward to following your felting progress through your blog!!! X Nicola

  5. LOVE the LLamas in the barn...so graceful & they seem to love being with lambs too !

    100 degrees in Texas last week -HOT