Thursday, May 26, 2011

And a good time was had by Luna

(Luna.........just being Luna)
I can hardly believe that it has come and gone. After much work, by many people, the 2nd Annual Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is history. Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity and now I wish I could go back and re-live the whole thing, without the worry that it was all going to come together as planned.

Many of us on the planning committee have been attending fiber festivals for years (or in my case, many, many, many years!) and we have known the potential for our event. I'd say we are well on our way.  This year we had lots more vendors and the attendance was much larger than last year. The weather cooperated, which is always a risky thing to count on during a Kentucky spring-time. I should say, it cooperated right up until an hour before the closing and then all you-know-what broke loose! Fortunately, everyone was told ahead of time and most everyone got their stuff packed up safely

Susan Anderson was our star attraction this year. She taught a workshop on Saturday morning and had a book-signing for her new book, Spud and ChloĆ« at the Farm, on Saturday afternoon and both events were very well attended. (She blogged about it here.)I met Susan several years ago, when she was in town for a book fair. It was while I still co-owned Magpie Yarn and Jane and I were lucky enough to take the knitting authors out to lunch (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Stefanie Japel, Ann Hood and Susan). It was so much fun and a real thrill to meet all of them in person. My impression of Susan that day was that she was such a  down-to-earth person. I liked her immediately. What I've since learned, is that she is also the most genuine and generous person you'd ever want to know. She seems completely surprised at how many adoring fans she has and how far they are willing to travel to see her. Anyway, I am honored to call her my friend now. I wish I could say that I took lots of pictures of it all, but I did not. I was so busy most of the time, I didn't even think to get my camera out. Plenty of other people had the presence of mind to record the fun and you can find those on the Festival facebook page. (Obviously, I have a lot to learn about capturing the moment!)

As many of you know, Luna and Birdie (along with a few of their friends) came to the festival with me. I was sure that Luna would be timid and Birdie would be her usual in-your-face kind of girl. Not so. Birdie was not so comfortable, kind of shy and retiring, and actually got to stay at home on Sunday because she developed some digestive distress (if you know what I mean). Luna, on the other hand, acted as if the whole festival was just for her benefit. She was not the least bit shy, let all the little kids pet on her and tried to get Lila to come out to play and take a walk around with her. (Lila is still a house baby and had no inclination to hang out with a lamb, for goodness sake!)

So, it's back to real life on the farm this week. I want to thank everyone who came by to visit the Tanglewood Farm booth. We do know it was just to see Luna, but that's okay. By now, we are all used to living in her (very small) shadow!


  1. That is the cutest picture of Luna! She isn't really drinking out of that straw is she?

  2. Awe, but it was just for her wasn't it? ;-)

  3. What a cutie Luna is. Dianne, I just love all of your pictures and the lambcam. The llamas are so much fun to watch in the barn...They are so big compared to the sheep. Don't you know God had fun creating them!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us all.

  4. I have loved every picture of I've seen of that adorable Luna. Did you have lots of offers to take her home with them? :-) Glad you're recovering and getting back in the groove of every day living. There's always some comfort in that. :-)

  5. Luna is a real sweetie !!

    Thanks for sharing her big day !