Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unhappy campers


***This is a repost (as near as I can remember) of my last blog entry. Blogger somehow managed to lose everything that was posted a few days ago...and not just me, apparently lots of people!! That takes some effort!***

Some of you who watch the lambcam may have noticed that the population in the barn has undergone some changes in the last week. Last Saturday we wormed all of the adults and because some of the ewes looked awfully thin, decided to wean the oldest group of lambs. I check the almanac to see if the signs were right. I usually do, but it seems to me the effectiveness of that method has been mostly hit or miss in the past. Saturday night and part of Sunday there were mournful sounds coming from the barn. I always use my favorite NPR station as the soundtrack for the separation anxiety. The lambs got Prairie Home Companion and American Routes (one of our very favorite programs) on Saturday evening and then, classical music all night. By Monday morning, there was much improvement in noise level. The ewes had mostly moved on and were not calling for their babies anymore. I always feel so sorry for all of them, but I tell myself, it has to be done. Unfortunately, because we only weaned the oldest lambs, we'll have to go through it all over again in the near future.

Though, when I think about it, my head feels as if it might explode, the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is coming very quickly now. I feel less prepared than I ever have for any festival, but at this point I believe I need to quit stressing over it and try my best to enjoy it. I may not have near as much merchandise for sale as I'd like, but I'll have Luna and Birdie for people to visit with and I'm planning on bringing a few of the lambs that have just been weaned and some of them will be for sale. So, if you are looking for some pretty little fleeces on the hoof, I'll have them!


  1. I have peonies from my great-grandmother that have been moved a couple times too. I love love them. Every year I look forward to them coming up.

  2. Happened to me too w/ Blogger. What a drag!